Louise Winhall

26th June 2017

As part of the continuous improvement that we pride ourselves on, management and staff from both Hawkes Bay and Timaru sites have been undertaking a Leadership Development course through Staples Rodway.

This course teaches conflict resolution and communication, and espouses understanding of other people's leadership styles.

It has been a great team building experience also as staff from the two sites are brought together to discuss common concerns and problem solve.

The first two day block course was held in Hawkes Bay so that the Timaru team could visit the Hawkes Bay Woolscourers site and, for the most recent block course, we came together to visit the Timaru site.  These visits have the benefit of sharing knowledge and generating new ideas for both sites as well as interaction with the wider team.

The course concludes with each participant presenting a value-add project of their choice to the team, with the potential to have their projects adopted by the company. 

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