Louise Winhall

16th November 2017

Cavalier Woolscourers Awatoto site recently hosted a delegation of Farmers on behalf of one of its clients, Segard Masurel.

The Farmers Day involved 121 farmers from the North Island and a display was set up to showcase wool and woolgrease as well as a number of exceptional photos of our site, which were taken by Stuart Jackson, a professional photographer, and banners showcasing the inherent beneficial properties of wool.

In preparation for the day, each farmer's brand was displayed on a wool bale, and an area was set up to allow them to engage with the product as well as ask questions of our Managers.

Comments from the day were positive with support for our recycling of water and heating a main focus, as was appreciation for the opportunity to visit our site.

The large group was broken up into a number of small groups, each of which was hosted by one of our key staff and then given a tour of our site, showcasing each of the pieces of machinery that clean the greasy wool and leave it ready for sale as clean wool.

For further details on Segard Masurel, please go to: http://www.segardmasurel.com/

To contact the photographer who photographed our site, Stuart Jackson, please phone 03 688 5050 or email stu@photographs.co.nz



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