Louise Winhall

27th July 2017

Cavalier Woolscourers are committed to a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and contractors.  Central to this culture, we hold regular health and safety meetings and identify a project, area or piece of equipment that could create a risk.  As a team, the Health and Safety Committee visit the area and discuss potential hazards and solutions.  As the committee includes representatives from all areas of our site, including the engineering department, we are able to brainstorm on the spot and usually come up with one or more solutions to a potential risk. 

As part of the focus on health and safety, Cavalier Woolscourers are committed to creating a drug free culture at its sites.  The most recent support for this undertaking has been a site visit at Awatoto from NZ Detector Dogs to determine whether are are any illicit drugs on site.  This check involved the dogs performing their sniff test on each individual staff member, including all managers and contractors onsite at the time.  Any indications from the dogs led to a request for the identified staff member to undergo a drug test.

NZ Detector Dogs utilize rescued death row dogs for their investigating purpose and spent several months training these dogs to detect illicit drugs.  The recent visit was undertaken with Kai and Monty, (pictured here with his handler), as staff line up for inspection. 

For NZ Detector Dogs website please follow the above link:

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