Louise Winhall

2nd October 2017

Recent news articles denouncing sheep shearing practices have been published.  These have been printed recently due to a campaign by PETA that state that sheep are hurt during the shearing process.

In New Zealand, a country where wool and all parts of the supply chain and processes are a prominent part of our industry, sheep and the shearing of their wool are treated with respect.  Animals are not abused in shearing sheds and shearing processes are taught to new generations to minimize any distress to the sheep.

Even in speed sheer competitions, in which a number of sheep are shorn in quick succession, the sheep are handled carefully and respectfully.

Removal of the wool is in the best interest of the sheep as the animals are not weighed down by wool, which can become very heavy when wet or encrusted with mud or other vegetable matters.

As a mainstay of our industry, we respect the noble sheep and would not tolerate any mistreatment of them.


The Campaign for Wool made a brief statement regarding the articles:

"..Cruelty to animals in the wool growing countries of the world is a very serious crime and were it ever to be detected, would be dealt with instantly and severely.  Over 500 companies working in wool, representing more than a million people employed in the industry, recommitted themselves to the highest standards of welfare by signing the Dumfries House Declaration in September 2016, which is available on line for all to see.  Tolerance in the wool trade of anyone suspected of abuse is, and always has been, zero.

 - Peter Ackroyd

   President, International Wool Textile Organisation, Chief Operating Officer, The Campaign for Wool"


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