Happy animals grow healthy coats

New Zealand’s temperature, climate, and lush green pastures are ideal for sheep.

New Zealand sheep are grass-fed, free-range animals who enjoy abundant sunshine, fresh air, and clean drinking water. Happy animals grow healthy coats, and this is the raw material we work with to produce high quality wool grades suitable for market.

Cavalier Woolscourers washes and processes wool from New Zealand sheep on commission. By volume, we are the largest wool scouring company in the world. We have two facilities strategically located in New Zealand’s largest wool producing areas, and both are near ports to streamline turnaround times from farm to manufacturer.

We wash all types of wool and speciality fibres such as alpaca and mohair. Our specially designed wool scours can wash wool grades from 10 micron superfine Merino through to 40 micron cross-bred. Our South Island facility is the only wool scour in the world capable of washing fine and coarse wool at one location.

As a company, we are committed to maintaining the balance between operational efficiency and caring for the environment. Heat and water is recycled as part of our processing operation. We strip effluent and other impurities from wool grease before discharge. All dry waste matter is either composted or used as biofuel. Lanolin is recovered as a by-product.

As well as having numerous benefits to health, comfort and safety, wool is an animal friendly product. No sheep are killed in the harvest of wool.

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